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Posted by Mr. Carasario.m ( on
Dear Doctor,
I hope you remember my case history. Delayed liquefaction and poor motility. I had consulted with you in the beginning of December. You had prescribed L******e - 2 cap thrice daily and c*******r - 1 tab thrice daily. There was a remarkable improvement in my semen parameters after just one month. I hope you remember me now.
This is to inform you that after just 2 months of taking what you prescribed, my wife conceived in the month of January 2013. She is now in her fifth month. I had wanted to inform you this much earlier, but work pressure & frequent travelling ensured that I could not do so.
Doctor, I had consulted many urologists in Chennai, but not one gave me hope. Almost all the fertility specialists we consulted wanted to rush us into IUI / IVF (after just 10 months into our marriage). You were the only one who suggested an alternative and simple way. To be frank , I did not have much hope when you asked me to take those tablets. But even I was amazed at the extraordinary improvement in the second SA.
6 months after our marriage, all our relatives & friends started asking us whether we had good news. This was the most stressful period of my life. All the other complications ensured that I could never sleep peacefully. All this has come to a stop with my wife's pregnancy.
Doctor, this is to THANK you from the bottom of my heart. If I had not consulted with you, all this would never have happened. I believe now that God guided me to you. I see Gods work has been done through you in my case. Once again thank you doctor. My wishes that you successfully assist your patients in the years to come.
With Gratitude, 

 Mr Upadhay, Owner of G. Motors, Gurgoan
Dear Dr Goel,
You have been like GOD to us. You have taken excellent care of my father and he is now absolutely fine after the surgery. You have done what nobody else could do.