KIDNEY & PROSTATE CLINIC                  

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The Kidney and Prostate Clinic

The Clinic is run by world renowned urologist, Dr Rajiv Goel. Dr Goel is trained from AIIMS, New Delhi, Germany and Australia. He is attached to all the leading hospitals of NCR including Fortis, Artemis and Columbia Asia. He offers treatment at these hospitals and thus has the flexibility of budget to suit everybody' pocket. 

International patients are also entertained at prices much lesser than others because no intermediary is involved. For details plese refer to international desk page.


Services offered include Endourology (TURP, URS, PCNL, RIRS, Laser prostatectomy), Urodynamics, Male infertility ( Vasoepididymal anastomosis, Vasectomy reversal), Male and female sexual dysfunction, Minimally invasive urology and Laser prostatectomy, Urooncology (Radical nephrectomy, Radical prostatectomy)